Jakes Story

Just thought you might like to have an update on good old Jake...he turns 3 on the 30th of this month. He is about 142 pounds, recognizes about 75 words and phrases (go to work, get a drink, eat breakfast, potty, potty some more, that's a good spot, get in the Jeep, lay on your rug, bedtime, take a shower, let's groom the dog, walk (english, pig-latin, or spelled), and a host of others like sit, stay, lay down, and roll-over.

He is in good health, has a great disposition, loves everybody, drools copiously (we always keep some old towels laying around), snores as loud as I do, and begs for the last bite of whatever I'm eating (and usually gets it). He has spent over 30,000 miles riding around with me to work, on vacation, to town, or wherever and loves to go. He is a better traveler than my kids - he doesn't want to stop and get out every 30 minutes. For some "odd" reason, we seem to find newf hair everywhere - my daughter went to church camp 175 miles away and found "Jake-Hair" in her breakfast on the first morning - and we find it in the dryer, we find it in the fridge, we find it inside a new butter dish, stuck to the ceilings and walls, or where ever.

Jake loves to camp out and sleep in the tent. He has been all over Arkansas and part of Colorado. Jake has been to the top of the Sand Dunes National Monument (4 mile hike), and camped out in the backwoods of the Ozarks swimming in Gunner Pool. I can't shoot skeet over a pond because he wants to go and rescue the pieces when they hit the water.?

He has been great with my kids (Jill is 13 now and Sawyer is 10). They pat, scratch,? and rub on him all the time. Jake has no fear and seems to realize that he is at the top of the food chain, but he is gentle with other animals and has very little dominant issues. He seems more curious than demanding when it comes to other animals. I have seen him willing to protect himself and back down a larger dog without a fight, but I've seen him run from (instead of eating) a Maltese after being bitten several times. His attitude is all I could hope for. He plays with the kids and will protect them from each other. If he thinks they get to rowdy, he will stop the game and start barking and split everyone up. Jill swears the she will have her own newf when she gets her own house - she wants her kids to be raised with a newf around.

Jake is a good dog. Jake is the best dog. I have included a few small pictures...


Thanks for the wonderful companion for my family,

Robert Jennings


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