At Windancer Newfoundlands, we have been animal lovers all of our lives. We can't imagine a life without animals in it. In addition to the Newfs, we have two parrots, an African Gray named Groucho, and a Blue Front named Willow. Both are talkers. "Lacy", a beautiful spayed female Calico cat who was found starving under a dumpster, too young to be weaned, also shares our home.

Not new to the show world, we bred and raised the American Quarter Horse for over 20 years. We are proud of our stock of top western pleasure lines. Our immediate family has enjoyed showing for years, and now we have a second generation of competitors in the grandchildren. We acquired our first newfy puppy in 1993. We were hooked.


My kennel and spacious grounds are located in the heart of the Ozarks just north of Springfield, Missouri. A beautiful place to visit and I invite you to do so.

We have learned a lot in our ongoing breeding program. We show our dogs, and strive for the best conformation possible. The personalities of our newfs are absolutely awesome. They are sweet and gentle in every way. All our dogs are fully tested, and healthy. It is our goal to continually strive to produce the best Newfoundland possible. Visitors are always welcome.

About us...

As a participant in the AKC “Bred with H.E.A.R.T.” program, we are committed to health testing our adults, staying current with breeding practices and canine health advances, complying with all AKC policies, continuing to be a responsible breeder as we always have, and upholding the tradition of producing happy and healthy Newfoundland.